Thursday, May 13, 2021

Celebrate North American Stallions: Wild Turkey Farm

Celebrate North American Stallions! 

a series from Warmblood Stallions of North America

From CSI5* competitor Billy Mexico to Grand Prix rising star Leapfrog WT, Wild Turkey Farm stands some brilliant choices for your mare. 

Wild Turkey Farm is a 220-acre facility located in Wilsonville, Oregon, that features a world-class Warmblood sporthorse breeding operation. Founded in 1989 by Barbara Boothe Ellison, the business found its breeding identity when Ellison acquired the  Holsteiner stallion LioCalyon (Liostro x Calypso) in 1996.

Big, bold, beautiful, and fast, LioCalyon ("Lio") loved the winner’s circle. He secured international wins with the USA's Mandy Porter in the irons and seamlessly transitioned into the junior divisions with Ellison's daughter Megan Ellison. Lio passed along his athletic abilities and temperament to his offspring, which made him a sought-after breeding stallion in North America.

Through the experience of owning and offering Lio to American breeders, Ellison expanded her stallion offerings over the years, and Wild Turkey stands ten stallions (with four currently available as fresh-cooled). And while Lio has passed, he continues to be available as frozen.

Ellison and her pack of beloved dogs reside along with the horses at Wild Turkey, and she continues to be actively involved in every aspect of the farm, from the day-to-day operations (which include breeding, foaling, young horses, retirement) to the meticulous planning of every detail of Wild Turkey’s state-of-the-art facilities. There are around 90 horses on the farm, ranging in age from the spring's newborn crop to the resident senior citizen Blackmail, who is 31 this year.

Fueled by her strong passion for horses and a commitment to producing quality athletes with especially great minds, Ellison looks forward to guiding mares' owners in their selections of the most suitable stallions. Contact her at to make plans for this breeding season, or through each of the pages listed below.

Click the name or photo to learn more about each stallion.


Acrobat II x Fernando
A proven, 1.60m international show jumping powerhouse

Billy Mexico

Cevin Z x Le Mexico
CSI5* - level stallion


Calido I x Calato
A modern type with excellent technique and movement

Clintord I

Clinton I x Caletto I
1.6m scope, Champion Holsteiner Verband 70-day Performance Test


Connor x Cristo
Reserve Champion Holsteiner Verband Stallion

Crown Affair

Cor de la Bryere x Capitol 1 HLP
Nationally ranked Holsteiner Hunter Stallion by Cor de la Bryere

La Marque

Lansing x Lord Calando
Wonderful Jumper Stallion

Leapfrog WT

LioCalyon (E) x Carthago
Grand Prix rising star by LioCalyon

Limoncello II

Lorentin I x Capitol I
A regal, peerless performer with world-class style and brilliant offspring


Liostro x Calypso II
Big, bold & beautiful, LioCalyon is Wild Turkey's foundation

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