Friday, May 8, 2020

Foundation Friday: FF Jazz

Here is the next installment of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s Foundation Friday.  Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We pull from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine, published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

170 cm
Breeder: H. van Helvoirt

Jazz is a second generation Grand Prix dressage horse, following in his father, Cocktail’s footsteps – and like Cocktail, there is not a lot that says "dressage" about the pedigree. He comes from an era when the breeders tended to breed for jumping and dressage and let the talents of the horse decide their career. 
 In his time, Jazz produced a uniform collection of riding type foals with refinement and sufficient to more than sufficient development. They like to trot and show rise in the front. They also have tact and scope.

“There is not a mean bone in Jazz’s body,” according to his international Grand Prix rider Tineke Bartels, in an article by Claartje van Andel, Jazz: One in a million (IDS international, March 2011) “What’s more, his strength is that he’s so positive. That’s nice, a positive horse! He makes every day enjoyable.”

There's much more to read about Jazz on the Horse Magazine website! Click here.

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