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More Wins for Stellar TVR Offspring

Standing Ovation New Horizons, by Stellar TVR

Horses from New Horizons Farm were the first Haflingers in North America to be presented to the German studbooks for breeding approval and registration. New Horizons stallion Stellar TVR was the first Haflinger stallion in North American history to be lifetime licensed and approved for breeding through Weser Ems and RPSI/Westfalen NA, in addition to the American Warmblood Society and Sporthorse Registry, and the American Haflinger Registry.  Stellar is also the only Haflinger in history to attend the North American 30 Day Pony Stallion Performance Testing, where he fulfilled his performance requirements to be approved for breeding. In 2017 Stellar was National Dressage Pony Cup DSHB Reserve Champion overall, Reserve Champion Mature Horse, and Champion Stallion. He also showed successfully at first level in 2017 at recognized shows throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, winning first place several times in both pony and open divisions.

Many of Stellar’s offspring once again had fantastic results at the Westfalen NA and Weser Ems inspections in 2018, as well as at the AHR inspection and classification. On June 26, 2018 a filly foal, Mia Suki ESH (Stellar TVR x Morning Dew CHP/Midres-Gold. V Liebstraum), bred and owned by Regina Esterman of Eclipse Sporthorses in Gainesville, Florida was awarded Premium status at her Weser Ems inspection. Some comments from the inspector, Sebastian Rhodes, included: true to type in breeding type and character, well-balanced, correct, naturally friendly and easy to handle, and impressive, supple movement with a canter that is good and well-balanced. Mary Procopio, owner of Haflinger stallion Stellar TVR, said she especially appreciated the inspector’s comments stating that Haflingers are another breed of Warmblood and sport pony, and that people are breeding Haflingers for sport, especially for their exceptional temperament and mind.

Rock My World New Horizons, by Stellar TVR
On August 4, 2018 at the Westfalen NA inspections in Petersburg, Virginia, StPrSt Rock My World New Horizons (Stellar TVR x R Noble Rose APF/Nobleman of Tudor Oaks), aka Maya, bred by Mary Procopio and owned by Karen Barnard, was award site inspection Champion and Premium status with an overall score of 7.4, including 8s on breed/sex type and overall impression and development. The inspector and Studbook Director, Otto Schalter, commented on Maya’s elegance, pretty face, good type and topline, energetic walk, active trot and well-balanced canter. As a foal, Maya was awarded a Gold Premium with a score of 8.0, and was the second highest scoring foal out of nine Warmblood and Sport Pony foals at the 2015 RPSI inspection. (Champion foal was her stablemate and another Stellar foal, Rivendell of New Horizons.)

Rafinja of New Horizons
It was exciting to see that the majority of horses at the Michigan Westfalen inspection site on August 31, 2018 hosted by New Horizons Farm were Haflingers! Two full siblings by Stellar TVR out of VPrst Ricola DTA/Adanac, StPrSt Rafinja of New Horizons (bred and owned by Mary Procopio) and StPrSt Rivendell of New Horizons Rivendell (bred by Mary Procopio, owned by Stephanie Lesperance at the time of the inspection and now owned by Beth Sorensen) were both awarded Premium status and entered into the top mare book. Rafinja was also awarded site inspection Champion over an outstanding group of horses with an exceptional score of 8.0 points—including a 9 on walk, 8.5s on type and overall impression and development, and 8s on trot and quality of conformation, with comments from the inspector/Studbook Director, Otto Schalter on her elegance, excellent walk with elasticity, good rhythm, long stride and movement that shows elasticity through her whole body; her elastic trot that reached underneath with a big step, and her freedom of shoulder. As a foal, Rafinja was awarded Gold Premium in 2014 at her RPSI inspection with an overall score of 8.1. This outstanding mare was also Gold classified at the 2018 AHR inspection one month earlier with 81 points!

Rivendell of New Horizons
Rivendell was the third highest scoring horse at the Westfalen Michigan site with an overall score of 7.5, including an 8.5 for her trot and 8.0 for correctness (foundation and movement). The inspector commented on Rivendell’s correctness, how well-developed she looked (she is 61 inches tall at age three and growing!), her elastic trot with swing and active hind leg, and how comfortable and rideable her trot and canter appeared. As a foal at the 2015 RPSI inspection Rivendell was awarded Gold Premium with a score of 8.2, and she was Champion foal over nine Warmblood and sport pony foals.

Two weanling Stellar foals were also presented at the Michigan Westfalen site. Mirracle Maja New Horizons out of Mythical TOF/Aristocrat TOF (purchased in utero by Leslie Walker, California) was awarded Champion foal and Premium status with an outstanding score of 8.0, including an 8.5 for breed/sex type and overall impression, and comments on her good walk, uphill trot with good elasticity, rhythm and good suspension, and her nice stride and freedom of shoulder. What made Maja’s score especially sweet was that Leslie and her husband Reed flew out to Michigan to attend the inspections!  Royal Araminta New Horizons out of VPrSt Ricola DTA (purchased in utero by Ursula Dodge, South Carolina) receiving an excellent score of 7.7, with 8s on breed/sex type and correctness (foundation and movement), and comments on her good type and topline and uphill trot.

Stellar's first foal, Ressonance of New Horizons
Stellar’s first foal, Ressonance of New Horizons (out of R Noble Rose APF), is excelling in dressage at recognized dressage shows in Alaska, winning Champion several times at first level. Many of his other foals are now started under saddle, demonstrating excellent trainability and rideability and a wonderful willingness to work. We can’t wait to see how they do at shows in 2020!

Stellar is standing the 2020 season at Spectrum Horse Service in Elsie, Michigan and is available to approved Warmblood, Thoroughbred, sport pony and Haflinger mares. His foals are eligible for registration through Weser Ems, Westfalen NA, AWSSR and AHR. For more information on Stellar and his offspring, please click here to visit our New Horizons website or contact Mary Procopio at or 517-410-8000.

Stellar TVR

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