Thursday, July 18, 2019

Silver Twist Excels with "Problem" Mares

9-year-old gelding by Silver Twist out of a Hanoverian mare.

2-year-old pony filly by Silver Twist
While his offspring continue to impress, Silver Twist now occupies a niche for mare owners: he's gained a reputation for successful pregnancies in mares that have failed to get in foal by other means (particularly frozen semen from overseas). It's counterintuitive to choose a stallion of 19 years of age for "problem" mares, yet his domestic fresh-cooled success rate is truly remarkable.

4-year-old Silver Twist mare
out of Trakehner dam
With every shipment from Stallion Services LLC, Silver Twist's stallion station, the mare owner receives a report including a computer-assisted semen analysis performed upon collection. Anecdotally, veterinarians checking the shipment on the receiving end have been quoted thus: "Wow! Looks excellent!" and "Looking at the progressively motile numbers, I'd never guess his age," and even "Looks like a disco on Saturday night!" High praise for a stallion born in 1999.

6-month-old Silver Twist filly
out of TB mare
Silver Twist's offspring share the beauty and talent of Olympic medallist Abdullah with the game competitiveness, savvy, and love for jumping found in the Twist horses.

Yearling filly by Silver Twist
out of a draft mare
So if a Bonne Nuit line horse is on your wishlist, contact Susan E. Church at 740-501-2133 by phone or text, through Facebook, or through the Warmblood Stallions of North America website. Silver Twist will be collecting until the snow flies in 2019. It's not too late to make this breeding season a home (bred in the U.S.A.) run!

For pedigree and more info, click here to visit Silver Twist's Stallion Profile page.

Silver Twist also has a Stallion Story on Click here to read about the life of Silver Twist and what makes him special.
Silver Twist at home

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