Tuesday, March 5, 2019

In Memoriam: LioCalyon of Wild Turkey Farm

In remembrance of LioCalyon, April 2, 1992 – February 26, 2019


It is with heavy, but full, hearts that we announce the passing of LioCalyon (Liostro x Calypso II x Sacramento Song). He was the cornerstone of Wild Turkey Farm and the horse that inspired Barb to start her breeding program. He put Wild Turkey Farm out there, into the world.

Barb purchased Lio after seeing a VHS tape of him sent by Butch and Lu Thomas.

“I will never forget being in my kitchen in Woodside when Lu had called me and said they were sending me a video of a young stallion that I just had to buy,” Barb recalls. “At that time, I was taking a break from the horses to raise my kids. I got the video and I almost didn’t watch it, but then thought, ‘Why not?’ I remember popping the video in the VHS, and Susie Hutchinson was riding him. I also remember calling Butch and Lu right after that and said, ‘Yes, vet him, buy him.’”

LioCalyon with Mandy Porter
Lio competed for over 10 years with multiple riders: Susie, Lu, Mandy Porter, Guy Thomas, Stevie McCarron, and Barb’s daughter Megan. He loved Spruce Meadows and jumped so well there in the 1.45m–1.50m divisions with Mandy. He took Stevie McCarron Wigley to her first Grand Prix. And when Megan needed a horse to show in Young Riders, it was Lio who filled in.

Lio retired from competition once he seemed to have lost his joie de vivre inside the ring. He came home, first to Woodside, Calif., and then to Oregon when Barb relocated the farm and business, and settled into his new job as breeding stallion. He was the farm mascot, the stallion everyone wanted to see, and he never disappointed. The statue that greets everyone at the top of the drive to the property is Lio, and he will be buried near there to look over the world that he helped to create.

Lio with his statue.

Now, his legacy will continue with his offspring that he never failed to stamp with his likeness.

“Lio’s offspring make me smile as he has stamped them all,” says Barb. “You can go through a field and point out a Lio baby—they all have his look.”

LioCalyon’s frozen semen will continue to be available to breeders. Please contact barb@wildturkeyfarm.com for more information. And for owners of Lio offspring, we would love to receive updates and photos to remember their sire.

We’ll never forget the special soul that was Lio. Rest in peace, our special friend, and gallop the green fields in heaven—you deserve it.

Fun facts about Lio

  • Lio loved licorice.
  • He was an Elite stallion with the American Holsteiner Horse Association.
  • He produced three approved sons: Peterbilt (BWP Elite Stallion), WT Lillix( AHHA, Oldenburg GOV), and WT Leapfrog (Oldenburg GOV).
  • Lio’s daughter, Dunstan Delphi, jumped at the 1.60-meter level with New Zealand’s Katie McVean. Together they placed 6th in the FEI World Cup Final at Leipzig in 2011 and jumped clear rounds at the 2010 WEG before the mare was sold to the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation.
  • Peterbilt competed at the 2011 WEG
  • In 2010, Lio won the USEF /Performance Horse Registry Leading Sire Award.

Visit LioCalyon's page on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com. You can contact Barb through his page, or by email at barb@wildturkeyfarm.com.

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