Friday, February 22, 2019

15% WFFS Carriers Reported by Labogen

LABOGEN genetic testing laboratory has launched a newsletter that will be released every other month. For their first issue, one of the topics was Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome. Laboklin, the genetic testing arm of Labogen, is "the only European laboratory to hold a Cornell University license to conduct the genetic test" for WFFS.

Along with other information and recommendations, Labogen reports that the 2018 results showed that 15% of the samples they tested were positive. They also reported that they had detected the mutation in English Thoroughbreds, and that UC Davis has reported finding the gene in English Thoroughbreds and Knapstruppers. 

Click here to read the February 2019 Labogen newsletter with the WFFS report, and you can also sign up there to receive the newsletter directly. The newsletter is in German, but the Google translation is better than average.

Click here for a FAQ about WFFS.

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