Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Horse Semen Transport Method

According to PRIME7 News, a new method for transporting stallion semen has reached a milestone of the testing process: a pregnancy was achieved and resulted in a foal being born. According to the news video, the new method involves using a semen extender that allows storage of stallion semen at room temperature for up to seven days. It would be a huge breakthrough in an industry where breeders must have fresh semen cooled, shipped and used within a 48-hour window - or use frozen.

PRIME7 is an Australian news site, and the foal was born at the Tamworth Equestrian Veterinary Centre in New South Wales, Australia.

The technology has sparked a lot of interest, not surprisingly, but will not be available commercially for some time yet, perhaps a year.

To watch the news video, click here.

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