Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Chris Hector Analyzes German Breeding, at the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal

Chris Hector has just taken a look at Germany's dressage breeding, after watching the young horse classes at the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal, in the article "Breeding Germany’s Dressage Stars of the Future," on In it, he looks at how the German breeders are turning to Dutch breeding, whether tail-swishing can be inherited, and his usual in-depth analysis of the bloodlines represented at this event.

"For a long time, the trade in dressage blood flowed from Germany to Holland, now it seems the tide has turned and German breeders are increasingly using Dutch blood. This trend can clearly be seen at one of the world’s great indoor shows – Frankfurt – and in the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal, a prestigious class for horses aged 7 – 9. ..."

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