Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Article Publicly Available: Changing stallion behaviour may come at a risk!

Breeding News for Sporthorses has opened on of their recent articles to the public. "Changing stallion behaviour may come at a risk!" was published on November 30 and sparked a lot of interest. It was originally accessible only to subscribers, but Breeding News generously opened it to be available to anyone. 

The article, by Cindy Reich, deals with the topic of using drugs to control stallion behavior for competition, and their long-term effects. In the article, and also in some discussions on social media prompted by the article, the use of Regumate in mares was also addressed. 

Bottom line: we like to think that controlling unwanted behavior by drugs is temporary and without long-term consequences - but that's not the reality.

Read the full Breeding News article - click here.

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