Monday, June 11, 2018

Young Jumping Horse classes: What can they tell us?

Christopher Hector has just posted another interesting new article on The Horse Magazine's website - this one about the Young Jumping Horse Classes in Europe. He brings in two contributors as well - Thomas Hartwig and Gemma Alexander - so the scope is quite extensive.

History, examples, opinions!

Did you know that until the 1970s, "German jumping horse breeding was not significantly better than in Ireland, Great Britain or France"? That's according to Thomas Hartwig, co-author of this article, and he credits the German Springpferdepr├╝fungen - young horse jumping classes - with turning that around. German coach Herbert Meyer calls them, "Maybe the best thing that has happened to German jumping in recent decades.

As we in North America think about ways to improve our path from breeder to competitor to international winner, looking at programs like this can help.

Read the whole article by clicking here.

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