Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Horse & Hound's Seven Things You Always Wanted to Know About Breeding

Britain's Horse & Hound magazine has just published an article to help the general equestrian public understand a little bit more about breeding - and the terminology involved. It covers quite a variety in just seven questions, including what the heck it means when you say a horse is by Stallion I x Stallion II. I never thought of it, but that would be confusing! If you don't know that Stallion II is the damsire, it sounds like you're breeding 2 males! They also tackled the gestation question, giving a conservative range of 320 to 350 days. Someone commented that they knew a Standardbred mare who always went over a year. As we just covered in this article, that's not really outside the normal range.

I like this outreach! Maybe we need to do something similar among riders in North America.

Read the article here: "7 things you always wanted to know about breeding, but were too embarrassed to ask"

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