Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Eva-Maria Broomer: "I am a Breeder"

Eurodressage.com last summer posted a wonderful article by Eva-Maria Broomer, called "I am a Breeder," and it's worth a read. Eva-Maria is from Germany and now lives in England, attending Manchester University. It must be interesting being a breeder and also a student, and she's also an equine photographer!

She describes breeding as "a special brand of madness," and muses on what made her decide to pursue it. "...There are a myriad of things I could do (and would, in fact, love to do) if I didn’t breed horses. Going on holidays, sleeping, and actually riding are just a few of them." And yet she breeds horses, and has no wish to give it up.

Eva-Marie talks about the "high" cost of foals, the pride she takes in her mares ("They represent choices I made, like an artist would choose a colour palette and canvas"), and ultimately, what makes her proud of all who breed.

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