Monday, April 3, 2017

Interview with Dr. Ludwig Christmann

The Horse Magazine has posted a new article of interest to breeders, in which THM's Chris Hector interviews Dr. Ludwig Christmann on the topic, "Hanoverian Breeding - Where it's at." Hector first met Dr. Christmann in 1991, and his descriptions of Germany in 1991 illustrate what a different world it is now for breeders, both in Germany and around the world. THM is based in Australia, but the article applies to breeding world-wide. They discuss "the ideal Hanoverian" then and now, young dressage and jumper horses, specific stallions and bloodlines, Dutch horses, emerging stallions for both jumping and dressage, and more.

Photo above is Dr Ludwig Christmann, head of the Hanoverian Verband’s Department of International Affairs, Development and Education. THM photo.

Click here to read the article...

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