Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Horse&Hound: Loss of a Stallion

Horse & Hound
's recent online issue had an article about a much-loved Thoroughbred stallion's recent death, with comments from the owner that everyone can relate to who has ever lost a horse, and especially a stallion.

The stallion, Primitive Proposal, was a Thoroughbred by Primitive Rising out of Louella With Love. He competed in eventing, showjumping, and dressage, and was owned by Charles Upham, Langaller Stud, for the past eight years. Primitive Proposal developed cancer and was put down at the age of 21. He leaves "a wonderful legacy" in his offspring, according to a spokesperson for British Breeding.

Mr. Upham described him for Horse & Hound as "a lovely person." Not a standard way to describe a horse - but I think most stallion owners can relate. He described the stallion with such an obviously deep attachment, and finished by saying, 

"When you work with stallions they get under your skin; they’re just a bit different to any other horse. Their work is so instinctive for them and in that instinct they would be fairly dominant yet they become very submissive in as much as they respect their handler, they wait to cover mares. You really build a lot of trust together."

Take a moment to remember all the special stallions and the breeders who loved them.

Our condolences.

Read the full article here.

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