Tuesday, October 13, 2020

theHorse: Breeding Older Mares


"Are you thinking about breeding an older mare next spring? Remember there are still steps—some simple, some cutting-edge—breeders can take to obtain a foal from mares with waning fertility."

This is from a new article on theHorse.com that discusses some of the issues with breeding an older mare - and some of the "good management practices and veterinary advancements" that can help.

It's quite a detailed article, delving into each of the areas that might cause issues as a mare ages.

theHorse.com: Read the article here.

Kentucky Equine Research also has an article on breeding the older mare, with emphasis on the value of omega-3 fatty acids in the mare's diet. It includes interesting details of how an egg develops.

Read the KER article here.

I would personally like to see these articles discussing whether it's good for the mare to artificially extend her breeding life. It's one thing if you're transferring embryos, and another if you make the mare endure the stress of bearing more foals after her body has said she's had enough. 

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