Thursday, October 8, 2020

Horse and Hound: Genetically-Modified Horse Embryo Reported

The future is here: you can now create a custom foal with specific genetic traits, like jumping ability, by modifying the genes at the egg and sperm stage. If you can afford it.

Horse clones are not a new thing. Quite a few clones exist of desirable and competitive horses, and several are competing worldwide. Famously, one polo player has competed with multiple clones of his favorite mare on his team.

The most recent news is that a genetically modified horse has now been produced. According to an article in Horse and Hound magazine, "Researchers in Argentina have produced what is believed to be the world’s first genetically edited horse embryo." 

The new technology combines cloning with genetic modifications. According to the researchers, 

"The application of new technologies for gene editing in horses may allow the generation of improved sportive individuals."

There has already been discussion of how the existence of clones will affect competition; now the stakes have gotten even higher. 

Read the article in Horse and Hound here.

Read the research paper here.

Orbiting DNA image: Zephyris / CC BY-SA (

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