Thursday, September 3, 2020

EquineRepro: Evaluating Sperm Motility

How good are you at evaluating sperm motility? Take the test and find out!

Anyone want to understand more about semen motility and how it's determined? I recommend reading "How Progressively Motile Are Those Sperm?" by Jos Mottershead of (link below). It not only has helpful explanations, it even has motility videos - microscope captures - that show how sperm move, how motility is determined, and what things to watch for.

Here is an excerpt from the article, starting with the basics:

A basic semen evaluation will include review of samples under the microscope to determine if and how the sperm are moving. This is typically achieved at a 100x or 400x magnification. Situations where such an evaluation would be performed are prior to shipment of semen cooled; prior to (or following) insemination of semen; or before, during, or after freezing of semen. There are two categories of motility - total and progressive, which are usually expressed as a percentage of all sperm. "Total motility" indicates the overall percentage of sperm that are moving in any direction, whereas "progressive motility" indicates the percentage overall of sperm moving in more or less a straight line. A further category of non-motile is applied to sperm that are not moving. [Excerpt reprinted with permission.]

Learn how motility is determined, when to look at percentages and when to look at absolute numbers, and how to evaluate the numbers you have - as well as about common misconceptions.

Click to read "How Progressively Motile Are Those Sperm?"

Jos Mottershead and Kathy St.Martin have been breeding warmbloods and managing warmblood stallions for over 35 years. Their two businesses - Equine Reproduction and Avalon Equine - have combined to give them a depth of experience and knowledge of every aspect of breeding sport horses. Equine Reproduction is an internationally renowned business offering a wide variety of services related to stallion collection and management and mare management, and also offers short courses for breeders. Avalon Equine is a breeder of top-quality warmblood sport horses for serious competitors and amateurs, and is home to some of the best sport horse and warmblood stallions in North America, listed below. They have sired champions, incredible brood stock, amateur-friendly horses, and the athletes with which to be successful at top levels!

Click on the links below to learn more about Avalon Equine stallions:

Apiro (Argentinus / Pilot / Cyrus)
Argentinus x Pilot/Cyrus
An athletic and blood option for warmblood breeders!
Pulpit x Java Gold/Damascus
Belafonte d’Avalon
Power in a small package!
Hilkens Black Delight - GRP x Mannhattan - Oldenburg/Ideal - Oldenburg
Colorado Skrødstrup
Incredible athleticism with the added bonus of color!
Perikles Christinelyst x Xantos/Apollon
Dracula d'Avalon
Talent, temperament and beauty!
Davidor x Mannhattan/Frohwind
ES Toronto
Imported Celle Hanoverian Stallion!
Now or Never M - KWPN x Belisar - KWPN/Solaris xx
Athletic and refining option for mare owners guaranteeing color!
Glitter Please x Milkie/Barbizon
A dual purpose stallion producing offspring in all disciplines!
Finesse x Wendepunkt/Hill Hawk xx
Silver Creek's Validation
Vallado / Lansing / Capitol I
Vallado x Lansing/Capitol I

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