Thursday, August 20, 2020

New Stallion Story - Mannhattan!

We have a new Stallion Story! With Stallion Stories you get to meet each stallion "at home" - behind the scenes. In our new Story, meet Mannhattan, a 29-year-old Oldenburg stallion owned by Kathy St. Martin and Jos Mottershead of Avalon Equine. 

Mannhattan at age 23
Mannhattan at age 23. He is now 29 and has foals coming in 2021!

What is it about stallions? There are many extra special horses that we have truly loved - but it seems like a stallion can inspire even more attachment. And when a special stallion has been with you for decades, the connection is deep. Kathy St. Martin of Avalon Equine has the stallion Mannhattan, who has been with her for 29 years.

Kathy first met Mannhattan when he stepped off the trailer at 5 months old. Click here to read more of the Story about Mannhattan.

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