Thursday, August 13, 2020

Love Letters to Amazing

by Ahna Phelps, owner of the 2005 Westfalen-approved Dutch stallion Amazing
by Balou du Rouet/Voltaire

Amazing, Westfalen-approved Dutch stallion, love letter inspiration.

I think we can all agree with the meme circulating these days suggesting 2020 should possibly have been lunged first! If you had told me earlier this year that the world would basically stop spinning, I would have said you MUST be talking about the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I mean, they can’t actually close the world, can they?? Actually, yes, they can. So after a cancelled birthday trip to England with family and 8 weeks of quarantine (I mean, I had always wanted to be a stay at home dog mom, but seriously!!) I was positively desperate for something to add a little joy to the monotonous days. 

As I had taken to passing the days with one of my favorite activities—reading—I thought “who doesn’t love a good, sappy romance?” And that’s how the Love Letters to Amazing contest was born. I posted the idea on Amazing’s Facebook page: 


‏Amazing and I want to hear from you! With all this sadness and anxiety happening in the world, we thought it would be nice to share a little love...and bring back a dying art form: The Love Letter!

‏So channel your best Nicholas Sparks, and collaborate with your beautiful mares. Ask her to help you write the most sappy, clichéd love letter to Amazing, and the winner (chosen by the Big Man himself, of course!) will receive a discounted breeding to use any ti

me in the next three years. Plus we will post your letter with pictures of the lucky lady!

‏I was blown away by the responses!! Amazing received over 20 letters, and it was So. Much. Fun. reading them to him! It truly was the highlight of my day for several weeks, and I started posting excerpts from some of the letters each day on Amazing’s Facebook page. These included such attention getters as:

‏Dearest Amazing,

‏They say love at first sight doesn't exist, but I know better. I know it all started the day I first saw you.

and this gem from Daffodil: 

I think with your rugged, handsome, chiseled, powerful good looks and my full bodied, curvy, classic, strong look we could make a beautifully elegant, charismatic filly or colt.

‏At the end of the contest, Amazing had so many wonderful letters we had a hard time choosing. He insisted he be allowed to write to all of them to express his gratitude. He said,

My Dearest Fine Fillies,

‏My heart has been touched by all your declarations of love. I confess that some have made me whinny with laughter, and some have brought a tear to my eye as they were read to me. I was so moved by them all, and entranced by the amazing word pictures you painted. It was difficult to choose just one beautiful love letter from among the many, and though there is one that has captured my heart, yet still there is room for a meaningful relationship with each of you. True love cannot be denied or limited, and I can find space in my heart to accommodate you all. I look forward to hearing the sounds of tiny hoof beats in the near future,

‏All my love,


‏We had such a hard time selecting one winner, that we had no choice but to award prizes in several categories, as well as offering each mare that submitted an entry a discount on a “big date” with him. 

‏The grand prize and a half price breeding was awarded to Duchess for her heartfelt letter and accompanying video portrayal. She writes:

To my beloved Amazing,

As I wander through my verdant pasture, my mind can’t help but dream of the day when we will finally meet face to face. It is with hopeful anticipation that I await the moment where our eyes will meet, our whiskers will brush, and we will begin our journey together side by side. Even as I write this letter, others try to steal my attention, but my heart has always belonged to you and you alone. Though some mares are drawn to stallions whose flashy, tempestuous personas make them hard to ignore, it has always been your kind, gentle spirit that has tugged at my heart strings. And though it may be presumptuous of me to say, I sincerely hope that our child will one day possess the same humble characteristics as his or her father. My soul yearns to be united with yours, as our love defies all trials and distance, and I am confident that one day that love will make our union come to fruition. 

Until then, my heart is yours.

With love,


Duchess is quite the actress as well, and wanted to be sure to catch Amazing’s attention with this additional video: 


[If you do not see the video, please click here to view on YouTube.]

Well done, Duchess! 

Prizes were also awarded in the categories of Most Creative, Most Captivating, and this winner of Best Harlequin Romance (aka Most Blushworthy!):

My dearest Amazing,

‏Whilst we have never met, I feel a longing deep within me that we are destined to find each other. I have gazed upon your portrait so many times that I can recall every detail of your handsome face. Last night I dreamt of you again—as I have so many times before. You appeared to me, floating across a field of spring wildflowers—so lightly, as if on a cloud—that your hooves never seemed to touch the ground. Your strong, supple muscles rippling under your glossy bay coat; your tall stockings sparkling in the sunlight. One mustn't miss the broad blaze which embellishes your visage and draws attention to your large, kind, brown eyes—your soft, intelligent expression is what drew me most to you. I hope that I do not come across as so forward to make you shy away. I am strong minded, like my mother, and have a tendency to let my thoughts be known. My lady calls it "red mare syndrome"—whatever that may mean. I pray in earnest that we may meet and become acquainted with one another, should both our ladies agree, of course.  Until then, I shall covet the images of your likeness and look forward to the day when my dream may be answered.

‏Devotedly yours,

‏Anne Bolyn

‏At one point after overhearing some of the letters sent in, my father shook his head in bewilderment and proclaimed that all horse women were crazy. He may be right, but I for one, am grateful to all of these “crazy” mares who took the time to express their feelings for Amazing. It added some much needed joy to the doldrums of quarantine, and brought some light, laughter, and romance into our lives. After all, isn’t that what Love Letters are for? I daresay Nicholas Sparks himself would have been proud! 

* * *

warmblood stallion Amazing
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