Friday, June 19, 2020

Foundation Friday: Florestan

Here is the next installment of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s Foundation Friday.  Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We pull from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine, published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

170 cm

It was lucky for the future of Westfalien breeding that Florestan’s breeders, Grit and Eberhard Schulte-Böcker, are traditionalists - the sort of breeders who prefer the honour of having a stallion in the State Stud, rather than a pile of Yankee dollars. They were offered big money for the young stallion, but preferred to see him go to Warendorf. Florestan’s sire Fidelio was for many years a popular sire in the Rhineland, where he spread the rich genetic heritage of his Selle Français sire, Furioso II. …. Florestan’s dam, Raute was a successful show mare, and at the age of three was champion mare of her age group. …. Florestan I was champion of the 1988 Rhineland approval and won his performance test in Warendorf the following year. Initially Florestan was despatched to Bad Sassendorf, where he covered his mares live, and therefore didn’t produce many foals in his first few seasons. Florestan had critics who suggested that he was “just a pretty face,” but his first crops of foals won them over – and in 1996, he was transferred to the Central Insemination Station at Warendorf, where he was based for the rest of his life.
Florestan I has sired almost a thousand registered broodmares, 190 of whom have been awarded a States Premium.
He is also the sire of over 80 approved sons, including Fidermark, a four-year-old champion at the Bundeschampionate and a Grand Prix performer, now sadly deceased. The mare Ferrara won the five-year-old class at the Bundeschampionate and went on to compete at Prix St Georges level with Isabell Werth. At the 2002 Bundeschampionate, Florestan had five representatives including the 4-year-old stallion winner French Kiss.
Here is what the head of the State Stud at Warendorf, Susanne Schmitt-Rimkus, has to say about Florestan, the stallion she affectionately calls “our milk cow,” in an interview I conducted in 2002: “What makes a sire special is that he makes more good foals than bad ones – and that he improves on the mare, and Florestan has a very large percentage of good foals. Of course he has some which are not, but he is a ‘stamp’ stallion, he stamps his foals. Nearly all of them have the type of their sire; you can recognize them. Here comes a foal – ‘oh a Florestan!’ This is something that makes it easier for a sire.” … Florestan is the sire of 21 licensed sons, the best of whom have been Fidermark, Florencio and Fürst Heinrich.

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