Tuesday, April 7, 2020

World Breeding News for Sport Horses April Edition Posted

by Anna Goebel

The April 2020 edition of World Breeding News for Sport Horses has just been posted. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a dominant topic in this issue, and how it has affected the sport horse breeding world so far, and what kinds of effects we can expect in the future. The magazine's editor, Xavier Libbrecht, and Chris Gould, Vice President of the WBFSH, weigh in with reports and opinions.

Chris Gould looks at what we might expect, from large consequences to the smaller ones that most people haven't thought of. Such as: with the shows cancelled, data for stallion rankings will not be available. As he says, it's a "relatively minor inconvenience," but significant for breeders, and it's an example of the hidden changes we'll be faced with.

Breeding show news and show cancellations make up most of the rest of the issue, along with several articles evaluating stallions. "Who Are the Superstar Sires of the Breeding World" is an interesting statistical analysis, and there's an interesting article on Blue Hors Zack, among others.

Of special North American interest: Augustin Walch is featured in this issue, "arguably Canada's most successful warmblood breeder." The article says that W Charlot Farm's stallions have over 300 offspring in the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Society alone, and there are many more registered in the United States. Augustin Walch, turning 80 this year, talks about his philosophy and his eye for horses.



W Charlot Farm stallions: 
Diamo Blue


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