Monday, March 9, 2020

World Breeding News for Sport Horses March Edition Posted

by Anna Goebel

The March 2020 edition of World Breeding News for Sport Horses has just been posted. 

On page 7, Edward Kendall, Executive Committee Director of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses, urges the WBFSH to undertake production of a State of the Industry report. Their interest is worldwide, and he notes that we really have no idea how strong the industry is, what the market is like or what it needs. He also points out that no serious investor will put money into an industry that doesn't know where it's going or how well it's doing. 

His points are valid, and apply doubly or triply for North America, especially the US. The American Horse Council creates a report on the horse industry overall, and it's very useful, but there are no solid numbers on the sport horse industry specifically, or on sport horse breeding. I feel that we are also in great need of an industry report.

Also of interest is an analysis of the KWPN show, and its "outrageous European quality" and the bloodlines involved. It's followed by "KWPN stallion show commission debrief," an article by Christopher Hector that you can also read on his website here and here. A report on French breeding, and the Salon des Etalons de sport de Bordeaux, is also interesting; it is a show where stallions for all disciplines, and pony stallions as well, are presented. 

There's a tribute to Don Schufro, who died this year; and a very interesting article on gait analysis. It looks at the potential advantages of new gait analysis devices, and also the conflict between the use of new technology and the traditional human-directed inspection and analysis of equines for sport and breeding.

The international scope of the magazine is well-illustrated in this issue, covering breeders from Poland to New Zealand, and breeds from Danish Warmbloods to Trakehners. 

Of special interest to North American readers is a tribute by Chris Gould to Eve Mainwaring, a 95-year-old pioneer of breeding in Canada. 



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