Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Fun Facts about Thoroughbred Stallion Sea Lion

An interview with owner and rider Pam Fisher

 As a youngster, Sea Lion raced and won.

 As a young horse, Sea Lion was a quick learner. He made the transition from race horse to eventer smoothly. Pam Fisher says, “After he arrived at my barn, I started him over fences using gymnastics. He was amazing and learned so quickly. He would get furious if ever he touched a rail and was incredibly brave throughout his training.”

 Special bonding experience: “After flying from California to New York to compete at Jersey Fresh and Rolex Kentucky the following year, we drove home alone in my rig, just the two of us: Sea Lion and I traveling cross country. We stopped at fairgrounds for the night and would go for walks. He slept in the trailer with me. He was an angel. We took five days to cross the country.”

Sea Lion and Pam at the Rolex 4-star event.
 Most memorable ride: Pam and Sea Lion have won championships at Advanced level eventing, but her most memorable ride was at Rebecca Farm the year after a near disaster. “We misread a fence - thinking the ditch and wall was a road crossing at the last second.” It was a very scary experience for both, and one that would normally haunt a horse for the rest of his life. “I remember asking Bruce Davidson, my former coach, if that ever happened to him, and if so what did he do to retrain his horse to overcome it. Bruce said that in his career it had happened three times - and never did any of the horses jump that type of fence again. They all refused. Sea Lion went back the next year and jumped the same fence. That is my most memorable ride.”

 Favorite treat: carrots.

 Owner and rider Pam Fisher describes Sea Lion as her “Beautiful, intelligent ‘soul mate.’”

Felix Feliseas, 2019 colt by Sea Lion.
Photo: Lorraine Treacy
 Sea Lion has offspring in five countries: across the United States, and in Canada, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Semen is owned by brokers in several countries, so there may be more unreported to Sea Lion's owner.

 Sea Lion foals have been registered in many studbooks, including Hanoverian, Trakehner, Oldenburg, Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, KWPN, and Irish Draught.

Sea Lion will be available for breeding in 2020.

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