Friday, October 18, 2019

Foundation Sire: Gotthard

Here is the next installment of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s Foundation Friday.  Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We pull from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine, published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!


164 cm
Breeder: Richard Kords

Gotthard is one of those stallions who barely got approved, but went on to have a profound impact on sport horse breeding. "Gotthard almost didn’t make it as a stallion – he really doesn’t look that appealing as a younger horse…"

Typically, a great stallion leaves stallion sons behind to carry his legacy. Gotthard didn't leave particularly successful breeding stallions - but he did leave successful broodmares and successful competitors. It wasn't until 1970 that his daughter Goldika started to make her mark - "That year, Goldika won a total of 17 ‘S’ classes, including three Nations Cups!" Then breeders started using Gotthard!

His biggest success, however, has been as a sire of broodmares. "Even though Gotthard never really established a stallion line, it is impossible to ignore him; there are just too many influential modern stallions with Gotthard on their dam line to leave him out. ... Through mares like Goldret, he had a crucial rôle in the shaping of the modern performance horse."

Gotthard "was to produce over fifty horses that went on to compete internationally and when, in 1975, a list of top stallions was published, Gotthard was number one in terms of prize money. ..."

To read the entire article, with pedigree, details of Gotthard's sons and daughters, on the Horse Magazine website, click here.

There are a few of stallion descendants of Gotthard in North America. Click on the following links to read about each of the ones on

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