Tuesday, August 20, 2019

HorseMagazine: The Breeding De-Brief for Aachen and Ermelo

Christopher Hector, of The Horse Magazine, Australia, attended both the World Young Horse Championships and the CHIO at Aachen. As usual, his interest extends to the bloodlines behind what you're seeing at the shows.

"Those two great pillars of Dutch dressage breeding, Jazz and Ferro, are in the twilight of their breeding careers – a polite way of saying they are dead. But they still feature when the wonderful roster of competition horses at this year’s Aachen CHIO is distilled down to the top fifteen...."

And scroll down the page to read about the bloodlines at the World Young Horse Championships. "The first thing you notice is that young horse breeding has become very much the territory of stallions who were themselves, young horse competitors. ..."

And, as always, Chris provides some wonderful photos to illustrate the horses and bloodlines he's talking about. 

Read the full article here: Aachen and Ermelo - The Breeding De-Brief

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