Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tempel Farms Showcases Rare Brown Lipizzan

The Lipizzan breeding and performance programs at Tempel Farms were featured in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. The article focused on the eight Lipizzan foals born this year, the 60th anniversary of Tempel Farms, and the work they have done in preserving the Lipizzan breed. 

It was in 1958 that Tempel and Esther Smith brought 20 Lipizzans to Illinois from Austria. They founded Tempel Farms with the goal of not only breeding the famous white horses, but recreating the whole tradition, exemplified by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, in the suburbs of Chicago. They brought the horses, began a breeding program, brought in trainers (including later the legendary Karl Mikola, who sadly passed away this year), and built a lovely performance arena. Tempel Lipizzans have been continuing to preserve and perform the tradition of classical dressage and the "airs above the ground" for 60 years. 

Also specially featured in the article is Maestoso Batrina - a rare bay Lipizzan who will be performing this year. According to the article, he took part in the performances as a foal, as a young stallion, and now will be part of the grand finale and perform the challenging courbette.

The 2019 performance schedule is now available on the Tempel Farms website and will continue now through September 8.

To read the Tribune article, click here.

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