Friday, February 22, 2019

15% WFFS Carriers Reported by Labogen

LABOGEN genetic testing laboratory has launched a newsletter that will be released every other month. For their first issue, one of the topics was Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome. Laboklin, the genetic testing arm of Labogen, is "the only European laboratory to hold a Cornell University license to conduct the genetic test" for WFFS.

Along with other information and recommendations, Labogen reports that the 2018 results showed that 15% of the samples they tested were positive. They also reported that they had detected the mutation in English Thoroughbreds, and that UC Davis has reported finding the gene in English Thoroughbreds and Knapstruppers. 

Click here to read the February 2019 Labogen newsletter with the WFFS report, and you can also sign up there to receive the newsletter directly. The newsletter is in German, but the Google translation is better than average.

Click here for a FAQ about WFFS.

USDF Handling Clinic at Hilltop Farm, April 6–7th

Hilltop Farm, in Colora Maryland, has announced several events of interest to breeders in 2019. The first one, in April, will be a USDF Handling Clinic. Stay tuned for further events, including a Breeders Seminar and registry inspections. 

USDF Handling Clinic: April 6–7th

Photo by Stacy Lynne Photography
An exciting opportunity for those wishing to handle horses professionally at breed shows and inspections or those just looking to further develop their handling skills. The USDF Handler Clinic is a two-day educational event featuring clinicians Michael Bragdell, Sara Vanecek, and Kristi Wysocki. This clinic is open to amateurs, professionals, and young riders, but registrants must be age 18 or over to attend. Covered during the weekend will be handling techniques, business strategies for promoting yourself as a professional handler, and addressing safety and consistency with handling and competing young horses. For additional information on participating in the clinic or attending as an auditor click here.

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C Olivo



Fiti AL

Flamenco YM

Fürst Belagio FOD

Gallant Reflection HU

George Clooney

GK Calucci




Pikko del Cerro HU




Royal Prince

Royal Prinz




Vallado (aka Praise)

Woodbury's Harlequin

Portable Technology Benefits Equine Reproduction

Kentucky Equine Research posted a new article in January that takes a look at portable devices that measure semen quality. Evaluation is often done in a laboratory, but the portable devices can be used away from the lab, wherever the mare is. This enables the breeder to have results just before breeding, which could be critical information.

The question is: are the results from portable devices reliable? Read the KER article for the report.

Click here.

Foundation Sire: Voltaire

Here is the next installment of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s Foundation Friday.  Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We pull from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine, published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

16.2 hands
Breeder: E. Kuwet 

A son of Furioso II, Voltaire was really the first of the superstar performance stallions to go on and prove himself equally important as a breeding stallion.
In an obituary in Breeding News, September 2004, Henk Nijhof commented on his offspring: “The Voltaires have the perfect attitude for showjumping horses. They want to get across the barriers, they have the nerve to do this and combine this with power and carefulness, two issues that are very important for good showjumping horses. Usually, Voltaires have good manners for showjumping. But sometimes they are a bit short in the back, which you can see in the way they jump.”
Voltaire was represented by a staggering 28 jumpers in the WBFSH standings for 2000/2001 – and ranked 9th in the top 50 sires in the ten years from 1991 to 2000.
Jenneke Smit makes the point that Voltaire bred better stylists than he was himself: “As a showjumper, Voltaire was on the phlegmatic side; his short-coupled conformation and the way he finished his jump were far from ideal. Nevertheless, he produced blood-type, long-lined horses with good jumping form. Among these are Finesse (out of a mare by Gag xx), and the successful showjumper Altaire (Pele). Both horses excelled many times at the Grand Prix level under their respective riders, Emile Hendrix and Beth Underhill.”
Jan Greve sums it up:
“Voltaire meant a lot to me personally. Without him, I may not have started a stud farm. He was such a nice horse and so easy at a young age, and he’s been invaluable to the breeding industry. Perhaps he has been more influential as a damsire than as a direct sire. In any case, he’s a true foundation stallion whom we couldn’t have done without.”
Voltaire was in 11th place on the Monneron list with 19 representatives.
On the WBFSH standings for 2007, Voltaire was 22nd. In 2008 and 2009, Voltaire ranked 12th, by 2010, he had blown out to 24th, but shot up the standings again in 2011 to 11th, largely on the basis of the exploits of Michel Robert’s Kellemoi de Pepita (out of a mare by the Almé son Jalmé des Mesnuls) who won at Vigo in 2011, and at La Coruna, Chantilly, La Baule and Vejer de Frontera in 2010. By 2013, Voltaire had slipped to 56th.
Voltaire appears on the 2015/16 KWPN breeding values in 43rd place with a value of 126 (98%). He has produced 2749 progeny over the age of four, with 908 registered for competition (33.03%). On the 2016/17 KWPN standings, Voltaire has moved to 40th, with 2756 progeny over 4, and 914 competitors (33.16%). He has a jumping value of 125, conformation – 103, free paces – 99, free jumping – 107.

To read the entire article, with pedigree, details of Voltaire's sons and daughters, on the Horse Magazine website, click here.
There are several stallion descendants of Voltaire in North America. Click on the following links to read about each of the ones on

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Anne Gribbons Joins the Board of Directors of Dressage at Devon

Anne Gribbons and Let's Dance

Devon, Pennsylvania – Anne Gribbons has joined the Board of Directors of Dressage at Devon (DAD), announced Lori Kaminski, DAD President.
“Dressage at Devon is an historic show with strong traditions,” said Anne Gribbons. “Riding down the centerline at Devon is a wonderful memory for many top riders and a dream to those working their way up the levels. I look forward to being a part of it.”
“We are so happy to welcome Anne Gribbons to our Board,” said Robbie Kankus, Chair of the Board. “Anne is not only a top rider and breeder, she is active in the dressage industry and very generous with her time.  Her insights will be invaluable and we are looking forward to working with her.”
Anne Gribbons was the U.S. Equestrian Federation technical advisor for dressage from 2010-2012. She has trained and shown 15 horses of her own to Grand Prix and competed in 10 national championships, as well as in Europe, including the Aachen CHIO (Germany). Seven of her horses have been named U.S. Dressage Federation Horse of the Year, and she was a member of the 1995 Pan American Gamers silver-medal winning team for the United States. Anne is a Federation Equestre Internaionale five-star judge, and she was a member of the FEI Dressage Committee from 2010-2013. She was inducted into the Roemer Foundation/USDF Hall of Fame in 2013.  Anne is a columnist for the Chronicle of the Horse and a collection of those columns is now available in the book “Collective Remarks.”
The 2019 Dressage at Devon will take place September 24-September 29 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon, PA. For reserved seating, visit
About Dressage at Devon ( 
Dressage at Devon has been a premier North American Equestrian event since its founding in 1975.  It combines world-class dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show with the international Fall Festival show and special activities for the entire family.  The six-day event attracts hundreds of riders from around the world and thousands of spectators.  Dressage at Devon is a 501(c) (3) PA non-profit organization, benefitting equine education.

Friday, February 8, 2019

New Breeding and Foaling Help Website

by Anna Goebel

A free interactive tool to help horse owners learn about reproduction and foaling in horses has been made available online by Equine Guelph. 

The gestation wheel, for example, is quite interesting. It explains the development of the foal from conception - including things like what's developing and how the fetal foal is moving. For example, the equine fetus starts head nods as early as day 40. If you enter your mare's breeding date, the "wheel" will tell you what's going on with your mare and foal month by month. For example, if your mare was bred last May 15, your foal would now be the size of a Dalmation. It would have started growing hair last month on poll, ears, chin, muzzle, and throat, and now be developing fine hair all over the body.

The project also includes checklists, videos, and other resources.

Equine Guelph was founded in 2003 at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. It is "the Centre at the University of Guelph (not-for-profit) serving the horse and its industry through education, research, healthcare promotion and industry development."

Click here to read about the new online service.

Click here to go directly to the new Mare & Foal Care Tool.

Foundation Sire: Ramiro

Here is the next installment of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s Foundation Friday.  Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We pull from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine, published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

175 cm
Breeder: Clemens Frhr v. Nagel 

Conceived in Holstein, born in Westfalia, licensed at Neumünster, and himself an international performer under Fritz Ligges, Ramiro influenced nearly all European Performance Studbooks.
When Ramiro was presented for selection, he was described as the ideal type of the modern Holsteiner – strongly imprinted by his dam, tall and elegant, showing the topline of his grandfather, Cottage Son xx, with a powerful frame, a glorious face and large, clear eyes. His excellently formed neck, beautifully set, could still be seen – even when he was an old horse – and is stamped on his progeny. Ramiro displayed a very good walk, a normal trot, and a great canter.
The Holsteiner Horse, had this to say about Ramiro:
“Even as a yearling, Ramiro radiated high quality and sovereignty. As a two-and-a-half-year-old, he was runner up at the Holsteiner licensing in Elmshorn. He was very big, already standing 1.75 high as a three-year-old, with a clever head on a long, beautifully arched neck. Gentle to handle, just like his grandsire, Ramzes, he was very talented at jumping, which he not only proved by finishing the stallion performance test in Westercelle as the best of his year but also later at international level with Fritz Legges. However, at the time he was already a stud stallion and occasionally tested his rider with a trial of strength.”
Ramiro’s influence on the Dutch Warmblood breeding was, and still is, of utmost importance. The Dutch bestowed the title "Horse of the Year" on Ramiro in 1992.
In the survey of the world’s top 75 jumping sires that appears in the French publication Monneron 2007-2008, Ramiro (who, thanks to frozen semen, was still producing foals 12 years after his demise) is ranked 23rd with 11 CSI winners, while his son, Robin I Z, is 43rd with 7 representatives.

To read the entire article, with pedigree, details of Ramiro's sons and daughters, on the Horse Magazine website, click here.
There are several stallion descendants of Ramiro in North America. Click on the following links to read about each of the ones on

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Valentine's Day Offer From Avalon Equine

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Avalon Equine has released a very special offer!

We figured we would help you find that perfect date for your mare!  We have some pretty sweet deals!

Go to Avalon Equine's Facebook page and look for the Valentine's Day Special Post (it's pinned at the top of the page).  Share that post on your wall and receive a $100 credit towards ANY of the stallions we are standing! Yup. ANY of them. Wanna make that an even SWEETER deal? Like the post, comment on the post and tag someone and you'll rack up another $100 credit towards ANY of the stallions!  

​Want to up that romance? We will be giving a credit towards the stallion of your choice (see the amounts below) if you write a singles ad for your mare! Those credits will be limited to the best three love letters for each stallion! So pucker up and make this a really dreamy date for your mare!  

In order to claim your credits, make sure you send Avalon Equine on their Facebook page, your name, email address and phone number. Send your mare's single's ad to We will then send you an invoice to purchase your breeding! We will close the contest on February 14th, 2019. The breeding must be paid for by February 21st, 2019 in order to claim your mare's date! Contract is good for three years with a LFG. We look forward to sharing the LOVE! 
2000 Bay Bavarian Warmblood
Introduction: I enjoy the finer things in life. Perfection and only perfection will do. Knees to eyes and those big sloping strides. 
Looking for a mare that enjoys nickers, rolls in the hay and ! Nags need not respond!  
About Me: I enjoy long walks on the hunter ring sand. 
Likes: Big beautiful mares. I like big butts and I cannot lie. Especially those built for the show ring. 

Dislikes: I don’t dislike much these days. I live the life of luxury and perfection. 
Best Feature: Have you seen this bling?!  I mean it's like someone used Bedazzler on me!  
​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $500 credit towards MY breeding fee!

2007 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion
Introduction:  I like fast.  Fast women.  Fast cars.  Fast races.  Jumping fast.  Running fast.  Fast.  I like FAST.
About me:  I like to run fast.  I like to jump fast.  I like fast.  
Likes:  Errrr...Fast?  Have I mentioned I like fast?  I "do" like jumping too, but it's gotta be fast.  None of that slow motion stuff.
Dislikes:  Slow.  Not a fan of slow.  Slow is for losers.  
Best feature:  My legs.  I've got fast legs.  They make me move really fast and jump really high fast!  

​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $300 credit towards MY breeding fee!

Belafonte d'Avalon aka The Batmobile
2008 Black German Riding Pony
​​Introduction:  I'm ready to take you to the Bat Cave!
About me:  I enjoy fighting crime, having a butler aka groom, occasional walks but prefer speed and technical courses.
Likes: Dressing up in cool costumes, sugar, naps
Dislikes: Ditches, things that jump out and go BOO.  Jokers and Clowns!
Best Feature:  Well...ME!  
Interests: Adrenaline rushes, fast gals and being outdoors!

​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $300 credit towards MY breeding fee!

Colorado Skrødstrup
1999 Bay Leopard Knabstrupper
I am like a fine wine - I just get better as I age!
About me:​ ​ I may have spots, but I'm no teenager! With me, you'll experience a whole new level of excitement. I'm an extrovert who loves showing off and giving everyone a good laugh (and a good time! ). When I'm done with you, you'll be seeing spots in front of your eyes - but really they're hearts and stars!! Try me!!
​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $400 credit towards MY breeding fee!

Dracula d'Avalon
2009 Black Oldenburg Stallion
Age: Is just a number
Location: Wynnewood via Transylvania 
Seeking:  Virgins and haemophiliacs 
A few words about me…
I'm an old soul with a taste for the finer things in life

What my ideal partner would be like:  O negative
My idea of the perfect date:
Call me old fashioned, but I like to take a girl out for dinner - Literally!
Best feature
My teeth
Biggest turn off 
Garlic breath, wooden stakes,  monogamy
World domination, animal husbandry, the color red.

​​Write me YOUR ad and receive $400 credit towards my breeding fee! (Dracula is available with frozen semen only - LFG)

1999 Cremello Thoroughbred Stallion
Age:  Precious metals are timeless!
About me:  Goldilocks had a bad time with the bears, but how could you possibly resist not getting bare with my gorgeous set of golden locks? With a flick of my blond head, your heart will be pumping and you will realize that spring is in the air! Seeking adoring partners who will give me their undivided attention. Age, height or stature is not an issue - I will make you all feel sexy! Don't wait any longer! I can't promise how long I can share this divine body - you might be "Ms. Right" for me, and then our whole life will change!
Likes:  Sunshine, Stars, Shiny things!
Dislikes:  Dullness, Cold and anything boring!
​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $500 credit towards MY breeding fee!

Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg
​2002 Black Friesian Stallion
​Your wish is my command!  I will be what you choose
Seeking:  Sir Lancelot searching for his Lady Guinevere!  I can show you that chivalry is NOT dead! Longing for a lady to light up my knight.
Likes: Baroque music and fine vegetarian cuisine. Jousting.
Dislikes:  Mordred, treachery and cowardice.  

​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $150 credit towards MY breeding fee!

1991 Grey Oldenburg Stallion
Age:  Maturing like a fine Merlot..Strong bold with a hint of leather
Career:  I am retired from the big arena, looking for a gal that would like to give 50 shades of hay a try
Likes:  Strong and athletic gals that can go the distance.  Accuracy counts!
Dislikes:  Balky, resistant, resentful and/or crazy.  
​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $500 credit towards MY breeding fee!

2000 Bay KWPN Stallion
Age:  Old enough to know better, young enough to still DO IT!
Career:  I am a professional gigolo!  I am trained in the fine art of love!  With that said, I made my living jumping fences!
Likes:  Pulled Manes, Beauty wherever I can find it, often on the other side of a fence!
Dislikes:  Pulled rails, Unkempt manes, dirty bridles!

​​Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $500 credit towards MY breeding fee!

2007 Grey RPSI Stallion
Age:  11 
About me:  
Young, athletic male seeking similar type ladies.  I'm quick to jump on new opportunities.  I LOVE to show off my great moves.  I am an easy going fellow with a winning disposition.
Seeking:  I love nothing more than beautiful mares with smooth moves that like to show me their heels.  I'm all about the chase, especially if it involves athletic moves!  Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $500 credit towards MY breeding fee! (Validation is available with frozen semen only.  This is a LFG contract)

Vindication S
2012 Grey Oldenburg Stallion
 I am a young, goal oriented gentleman!
About me:  
Roses are red
Alfalfa is green
I'm the best jumper stallion
You've ever seen!
​Confident? Yes - But, I have earned that right!  Watch me with my current "dancing partner," Anne Kursinski to see just how light on my feet I am!
Pick me, show me YOUR ad and receive $500 credit towards MY breeding fee! (Vindication is available with frozen semen only.  This is a LFG contract)

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Colorado Skrødstrup

Dracula d'Avalon


Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg