Friday, April 13, 2018

A Study of Sport-Horse Breeding, from Dressage Today

Article Review

Dressage Today magazine recently started a series on sport horse breeding. The first article, by Karen M. Brittle, was published online on March 7, 2018. As they describe the series, "Dressage Today will highlight 11 of the world’s top dressage horses from the FEI world-ranking list, taking a close look at their pedigrees and associated breed registries." The first thing to be aware of is that the series is not really about sport horse breeding, but more specifically about breeding warmbloods, and the focus is almost entirely dressage horses.

This first article primarily sets the definitions for the rest of the series, and brings non-breeders up to speed with breeding history and terminology, so it's not of as much interest to experienced breeders - but I did learn a couple of things.

The article includes a section on warmblood history, which is interesting in part because it's from a British perspective. They interviewed Celia and John Clarke of the UK. There's also information on how registries operate, and a bit about branding (hot-branding is still done in the US, but is now illegal in Germany and Holland).

The eleven horses the series will be following are: Desperados, Showtime FRH, Don Johnson FRH, Lorenzo, Atterupgaards Cassidy, Mister X, Verdades, Nip Tuch, Cosmo 59, Emilio 107, and Weihegold OLD.

Read the Dressage Today article here.

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