Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Two Interviews with Breeder and Vet Dr. Jan Greve

I'd like to alert breeders to a couple of articles in The Horse Magazine, at These are two interviews with Dr. Jan Greve, one of Holland's most famous jumper breeders and the owner of Voltaire, as well as a high-profile veterinarian. The first one is a recent article; the other one quite a bit older, but very interesting.

The first article is "an explosive interview..." with Dr. Greve, as he stepped down (he turned 70 in January 2018) as team veterinarian for the KNHS (the Dutch equestrian federation), and talks about why. Also in the article:

  • The growing difference between showjumping and dressage horses.
  • "There’s no joy [in dressage] anymore, it’s all discipline and more discipline. ... For too many riders, the horse has become a machine. It is no longer a companion, and that’s how they train them."
  • "Too many horses are not having enough fun."
  • “Half of our work as veterinarians is finding veterinary excuses for hippological ignorance.”

Click here to read the article.

In an older article, some of the topics discussed are:

  • Why European breeders don't do much embryo transfer.
  • Why you shouldn't use your successful competition mare as a broodmare.
  • At what age your mares will produce the best foals.
  • “The problem with the modern breeding world is that there is too much fashion."
  • and more

Click here to read the article.

As always, thank you to Christopher Hector, interviewer and publisher of The Horse Magazine, which is based in Australia.

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