Friday, September 22, 2017

Article: Interview with Hanoverian breeder Axel Windeler

A new article from the horse magazine is of interest to breeders. It's an interview with a very successful Hanoverian breeder, Axel Windeler, breeder of the 5-year-old champion of the World Young Dressage Horse championships in Ermelo this year. Don Martillo (Don Juan de Hus/Benetton Dream) is the product of a four-generation breeding program. What I'm loving about this is that Axel Windeler says he started out by making the exact same mistake many American breeders made when starting out with sport horse breeding: 

“I started breeding in 1977. I bought a riding horse, but she was not good, so I tried to breed…”
Always a great idea…
“Not a great idea ..."
To read the full article, click here.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Video from Hyperion Stud LLC

Hyperion Stud, LLC produced a lovely video of their farm, which was released this summer. The first in a series, this one introduces the guiding principles behind Hyperion. A beautiful farm, with stunning horses, Hyperion is well-filmed here, and the video is lovely to watch.

Watch the video on Hyperion's home page here: HyperionStudLLC (scroll down)

or click here to watch it on YouTube.