Saturday, August 5, 2017

Healthy Stallion Management - By Jos Mottershead

One of the best aspects of the Avalon Equine website is that they generously share their expertise in breeding, and they have a lot to share. A recent introduction is the website's blog, which is written in rotation by both of the farm's owners as well as the farm manager. We're highlighting one interesting blog post written by Jos Mottershead, who has years of experience with stallions - collecting and freezing semen at farms around the continent - as well as teaching courses in equine reproduction. 

In this post, Jos discusses three options for keeping stallions that look to patterns in the wild for reference, with the goal being an emotionally healthy horse. As he says in the first paragraph, "they need to be managed as horses, not some Pariah of Society."

It's an interesting article, and recommended reading for anyone who comes into contact with stallions.

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