Friday, August 4, 2017

Assisted Repro Tech Not as Dangerous for Horses as Other Species

Kentucky Equine Research has published an article about ART in horses - embryo transfer, etc. - that reports on a study of the risks. The KER article title is "Assisted Reproductive Technologies Safe in Horses," but what the article actually says is not quite so reassuring. It states that fetal and placental abnormalities occur in many species, including humans, cows, and sheep; and that horses "seem relatively immune" from the negative effects.

The article goes on to describe a study with 30 Quarter Horse mares that were divided into three groups by technique used. That means only 10 mares were used for each technique. No abnormalities were observed for the test groups.

I'm curious to know if any breeders reading this blog have used ET and experienced any problems. Please leave comments.

To read the full KER article click here.

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