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Celebrate North American Stallions: Bridlewood Farm

Celebrate North American Stallions! 

a series from Warmblood Stallions of North America

Bridlewood Farm, located in Union, Kentucky between Cincinnati and Lexington, is the base for Barbara Schmidt DVM’s equine veterinary practice. She and her husband Frederick Abblett purchased the farm in 1990, providing them with the opportunity to expand their breeding operation, at that time focused on Hanoverians. Their first stallion was Adios III (Arsenik/Diplomat/Wöhler), who was imported from the Hanoverian State Stud at Celle, and proved to be an outstanding sire. Determined to bring the finest European bloodlines to North America, Bridlewood Farm is noted for offering some of the most requested Hanoverian stallions including Donnerkeil (Diamont/Lukant/Kemir ox), Guarantor (Grossfürst/Aktuell/Cardinal xx), and the extremely popular Fabuleux (Fabriano/Augustinus xx/Absatz). Leading sire Dacaprio (Davignon I/Caprimond/Karon) currently stands at Bridlewood Farm producing highly sought-after offspring.

Dr. Schmidt brings over 35 years of knowledge to breeders, not only through her equine veterinary experience but also through years of travel to Germany where she did extensive research into bloodlines and pedigrees. She and her husband are Life Members of the American Hanoverian Society and over the years hosted many AHS inspections. She has served on numerous AHS committees and still continues to serve on the Board of Directors.

Bridlewood Farm has their own carefully selected broodmares who are thoughtfully paired with stallions to produce exceptional offspring. Dr. Schmidt is always happy to impart guidance on stallion selection, mare care and foaling. Her equine veterinary practice provides services for all stages of the breeding process. Bridlewood Farm offers mare boarding and care options, before, during and after foaling.

Bridlewood Farm not only stands their own Dacaprio, but resident stallions including Leatherdale Farms’ E. H. Herzensdieb, Fairbanks, First Dance and Hampton; showjumper Orbetello, owned by Hampton Farms, LLC; and the well-known Welsh Pony hunter stallion *Telynau Royal Charter, owned by Saddle Lake Equestrian Center.

To learn more about each of the following stallions, currently standing at Bridlewood Farm, click each image or stallion name.

Click the name or photo to learn more about each stallion.


Davignon I x Caprimond
Sire & Damsire of Internationally recognized Dressage horses; stamping rideability & elegance.

E.H. Herzensdieb

Tambour x Tivano
Trakehner Licensing Champion in Germany and Proven Dressage Competitor & Sire.


Flemmingh x Inselfürst
Oldenburg Licensing Champion in Germany, Exciting Young Sire awarded 1c Premium

First Dance

Florestan I x Donnerhall/Old.
Classic Florestan I/Donnerhall Bloodlines, Proven Dressage Competitor & Sire.


His Highness x Rotspon
Sought after His Highness & Rotspon Bloodlines; Proven Dressage Competitor & Sire.


Orlando x Landgraf I
Internationally successful showjumper who passes his jumping talent, easy temperament, and beautiful gaits to his offspring.

For more details of their history, please visit the Bridlewood Farm website.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Nimmerdor for Foundation Friday

Enjoy one of Warmblood Stallions of North America’s more popular Foundation Friday posts!  Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We pull from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazinepublished by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

Breeder: J. A. Dijkstra

Wiepke van de Lageweg bought Nimmerdor at a stallion show as a two-year-old, for the (then) considerable sum of 25,000 florins. With that purchase, Wiepke went from a humble cattle dealer to one of the future keepers of Nimmerdor, who was voted “the stallion of the 20th century” in the Netherlands in the year 2000.

He was selected for the Los Angeles Olympics, but his owner, Wiepke van de Lageweg, decided he should stay home and concentrate on his breeding activities. 

Nimmerdor has proven himself to be the sire of sires. Even before he retired from the competition arena, his progeny were starting to make their way through the ranks. Nimmerdor was ranked 29th on the World Breeding Federation ranking for the period 1992/2001 based on a staggering 42 international level jumpers.  At the time of his death he left 18 approved sons, and 37 approved grandsons.

To read the full article as it was published on The Horse Magazine website - along with full pedigree of Nimmerdor, click here. The publisher and creator of this incredible resource, Christopher Hector, is the author of The Making of the Warmblood Horse.

Looking for classic Nimmerdor bloodlines? There are several stallion descendants of Nimmerdor in North America. Click on the following links to read about each of the ones on

Asterix E Z

ES Toronto

Karrington MG



Victor E

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Sea Lion: Offspring in the Ribbons

Sea Lion's offspring have been making news. It's appropriate for the very versatile Thoroughbred stallion that his offspring are winning or placing in three different disciplines. Sea Lion himself has won championships in Advanced level eventing and 1.20 meter jumpers. Meet five of his oldest offspring, who are doing their dad proud.

TGS Lion's Sunshine (born 2019)

TGS Lion's Sunshine was 2020 Future Event Horse Yearling Regional Champion, and finished 3rd nationally.  She is by Sea Lion xx out of Windfield All Sunshine (RID, by Bridon Belfrey - Irish Draught). She was bred by Ann S O'Donnell, who has this to say about her: "'Rooney' is an elegant, powerful, conformationally correct filly with solid Irish bone, a good mind and a sporthorse presence. She has a great temperament, good feet, a willingness to do the work...all traits to look for in an equine athlete.  The Thoroughbred x Irish Draught cross has elevated my sporthorse breeding program and I am convinced that whatever discipline is your aim, a plus to any breeding program is the introduction of Sea Lion TBJC." Ann also bred her half-sister by Sea Lion, Sealebrity, and says both "possess a friendly approach to people and inquisitive natures that brings joy to all who have met these two Sea Lion offspring."

Northern Quest Lionheart (2016)

Northern Quest Lionheart was Dressage COP Level 1 Champion in 2020, and is also starting his eventing career. The above photo was taken this year in North Carolina, with rider Nick Olijslager. Lionheart was bred by Marisa B Frazier. He is by Sea Lion xx out of Northern Quest Special Sea (Irish Draught by Rhyd's Sea Quest).

Sea Lioness (2016)

Sea Lioness was bred and is owned by Sea Lion's owner, Pam Fisher of Ruffian Stables. She was the Future Even Horse 4-year-old National Champion West Coast in 2020. Her first horse show was this past weekend, the Temecula National Horse Show at Galway Downs. Kristin Hardin was in the irons, and owner Pam Fisher reports, "She took Reserve Champion in one division and won the Jumper Stakes class over .75. She will continue to move up the levels, and she will do her first event, with me riding, on June 18th." Sea Lioness is by Sea Lion xx out of Princess Kaballah, by Cairo.

Northern Quest Lioness (2016)

Winning at Novice level eventing. Bred by Marisa B. Frazier, Northern Quest Lioness is by Sea Lion xx out of Silver Lady. 

Northern Quest Blue Sea (2014)

Northern Quest Blue Sea is the oldest of Sea Lion's offspring, and has been competing successfully in eventing. She has had good results at Beginner Novice and Novice, then moved up to Training and some Preliminary level. She was the winner wire to wire of the Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials in South Carolina under Nick Olijslager, putting them on the USEA top ten leaderboard. She is by Sea Lion xx out of White Diamond (Irish Draught Sport Horse by Rockrimmon Silver Diamond).

About Sea Lion

Sea Lion
 is a versatile Thoroughbred stallion approved by most major warmblood registries. Sea Lion has won numerous championships and competed at the highest levels of eventing, including at the Rolex 4* (now 5*), and retired sound to compete in Hunters and Jumpers. His offspring are registered in several different registries, and in five countries.

  • An impressive and versatile stallion with successful eventing career plus a "retirement" show record in hunters. 
  • Offspring in five countries.
  • Oldest offspring excelling in competition.
  • Available fresh and frozen.
  • Excellent motility.
  • 90% conception rate on first breeding.
  • Live Foal Guarantee.
Part of Sea Lion's success as a sire across five continents is due to his owner, Pam Fisher, who is committed to making breeding to Sea Lion a positive experience. "My goal is to make Sea Lion foals around the world.  He is a fabulous stallion and if someone wants his baby, I want to make it happen."

For information about Sea Lion, please click here.

To inquire about breeding to Sea Lion, click to contact his owner.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Celebrate North American Stallions: Orbetello


Internationally successful showjumper who passes his jumping talent to his offspring

Orlando x Landgraf I

Orbetello was bred by one of Germany’s historically great breeders, Georg Clausen. Orbetello is a German-approved Oldenburg stallion who took the highest score in history for free jumping at his approval test in Europe. He combines brains, beauty, bloodlines, technique and a good 1m60 record with 3 top riders.

Orbetello is owned by Cynthia Hampton of Hampton Farms, LLC. He competed with top-level performances in the 1.50m and 1.60m Grand Prix. Orbetello’s superior performances under different riders during his highly successful career speak well of his willing temperament and exemplary rideability.

Orbetello stands at Bridlewood Farm, in Union, Kentucky. Bridlewood Farm is the base for Barbara Schmidt, DVM’s equine veterinary practice. Dr. Schmidt brings over 35 years of knowledge to breeders, not only through her equine veterinary experience but through years of travel to Germany and carefully developing her own breeding program.

Bridlewood Farm stands their own Dacaprio, as well as resident stallions Orbetello; Leatherdale Farms’ E. H. Herzensdieb, Fairbanks, First Dance and Hampton; and the Welsh Pony stallion *Telynau Royal Charter, owned by Missy Jo Hollingsworth of Saddle Lake Equestrian Center.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Celebrate North American Stallions: Avalon Equine

Celebrate North American Stallions! 

a series from Warmblood Stallions of North America

Jos Mottershead and Kathy St.Martin have been breeding warmbloods and managing warmblood stallions for over 35 years. Their two businesses - Equine Reproduction and Avalon Equine - have combined to give them a depth of experience and knowledge of every aspect of breeding sport horses. Equine Reproduction is an internationally renowned business offering a wide variety of services related to stallion collection and management and mare management, and also offers short courses for breeders. Avalon Equine is a breeder of top-quality warmblood sport horses for serious competitors and amateurs, and is home to some of the best sport horse and warmblood stallions in North America, listed below. They have sired champions, incredible brood stock, amateur-friendly horses, and the athletes with which to be successful at top levels!

Click each stallion's name or photo to learn more about him

Argentinus x Pilot
Apiro (Argentinus / Pilot / Cyrus)

Pulpit x Java Gold
An athletic and blood option for warmblood breeders!

Hilkens Black Delight - GRP x Mannhattan - Oldenburg
Power in a small package!

Perikles Christinelyst x Xantos
Incredible athleticism with the added bonus of color!

Davidor x Mannhattan
Talent, temperament and beauty!

Barconcelli x Raphael
Exceptional Dressage Bred Stallion Excelled in the Hunter Arena!

Now or Never M - KWPN x Belisar - KWPN
Imported Celle Stallion!

Goldmaker xx x Voltaire
Stunning Eventing Stallion in a gold wrapper!

Glitter Please x Milkie
Athletic and refining option for mare owners guaranteeing color!

Alla Czar x Buntspecht de Lauzelle
Exceptional hunter stallion!

Finesse x Wendepunkt
A dual purpose stallion producing offspring in all disciplines!

Sandro Hit x Weltmeyer
Brilliantly bred imported dressage stallion!

Semper x Ico - KWPN
Stunning Homozygous Pinto Warmblood Stallion!

Vallado x Lansing
Vallado / Lansing / Capitol I

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Horse&Hound: Loss of a Stallion

Horse & Hound
's recent online issue had an article about a much-loved Thoroughbred stallion's recent death, with comments from the owner that everyone can relate to who has ever lost a horse, and especially a stallion.

The stallion, Primitive Proposal, was a Thoroughbred by Primitive Rising out of Louella With Love. He competed in eventing, showjumping, and dressage, and was owned by Charles Upham, Langaller Stud, for the past eight years. Primitive Proposal developed cancer and was put down at the age of 21. He leaves "a wonderful legacy" in his offspring, according to a spokesperson for British Breeding.

Mr. Upham described him for Horse & Hound as "a lovely person." Not a standard way to describe a horse - but I think most stallion owners can relate. He described the stallion with such an obviously deep attachment, and finished by saying, 

"When you work with stallions they get under your skin; they’re just a bit different to any other horse. Their work is so instinctive for them and in that instinct they would be fairly dominant yet they become very submissive in as much as they respect their handler, they wait to cover mares. You really build a lot of trust together."

Take a moment to remember all the special stallions and the breeders who loved them.

Our condolences.

Read the full article here.

Friday, May 14, 2021

A Tribute to Judgement ISF (1991-2021)

Judgement ISF and Beezie Madden at Spruce Meadows

 Coatesville, PA
—Judgement ISF, Crown, was the horse of a lifetime. From the moment he was born, throughout his incredible international show jumping career with legends Michael Matz and Beezie Madden in the irons, as a breeding stallion producing Grand Prix winners, and as a retired celebrity, Judgement ISF was special. Last week, just three weeks shy of his thirtieth birthday, Judgement ISF, Crown, was laid to rest at his birthplace at Iron Spring Farm in Pennsylvania. 

Judgement’s extraordinary life is one for the record books. He represented team USA in two FEI World Cup Finals, the World Equestrian Games and 10 Nations’ Cups. He was the only North American-bred horse to win the $1,000,000 CN International at Spruce Meadows Masters in its 44-year history. He also claimed 25 additional international victories at the biggest venues in the world.

“Judgement ISF was an exceptional horse,” said his breeder and owner, Mary Alice Malone. “He gave us so many thrilling moments. Witnessing the magical connection between him and Beezie was the gift of a lifetime.”

Judgement ISF made an impression starting at an early age. When Judgement ISF was a yearling, Gert van der Veen, the former director of the KWPN, declared Judgement ISF a true stallion prospect during the KWPN Keuring. Judgement ISF also went on to win the 4-year-old Stallion class at Dressage at Devon in 1995. 

Judgement ISF winning the Stallion class at Dressage at Devon 1995

His jumping abilities began to really shine when he was started under saddle by Melvin Dutton. “When I saw him jumping in preparation for a keuring, I knew he had more talent than any horse I had ever seen,” Malone recalled. After the keuring, Judgement ISF went to Michael Matz for further training. 

Matz, a World Cup Finals Champion, team gold World Champion and Olympic team silver medalist, brought Judgement ISF along slowly and thoughtfully. The program worked. In 1995, Judgement ISF won the IJF East Coast Finals. Judgement ISF continued up the levels with Matz and won the $60,000 American Gold Cup in 1999. Shortly after the 2000 Olympic Trials, Matz turned his focus to training racehorses and a new legendary partnership was born.

Beezie Madden and Judgement ISF picked up where Matz left off and soon were on a hot streak that lasted more than nine years. The pair competed at the highest level of sport in 12 countries. Together they represented team USA in two FEI World Cup Finals, the World Equestrian Games and 10 Nations’ Cups. Judgement ISF led the victory lap at the world’s best shows:  $60,000 Budweiser Grand Prix de Penn National, $100,000 Cosequin US Open Jumper Championship, $150,000 CSI3* Grand Prix of Charlotte, CSIO La Baulle, CSIO St. Gallen, The Irish Field Six Bar CSIO Dublin, the $175,000 Nexen Cup—twice, $1,000,000 CN International and many more. 

“He loved to go to horse shows,” said Meghan deGaray, breeding manager at Iron Spring Farm and one of Judgement’s biggest fans. “He was amazing to watch in the ring. He had so much power and presence.” Another hallmark of Judgement’s career was his versatility. He won some of the world’s biggest derbies, speed, six-bar and Grand Prix classes. In the $50,000 Animal Planet Sporthorse Cup at the Syracuse Invitational, he set the record at 6’3” in the three-phase competition.  

 His last victory came in 2009 at the $65,000 1.5m Esso Challenge at Spruce Meadows. The venue was his favorite and he was named National Champion there on four occasions. Judgement ISF retired sound at the age of 18 after 10 years in the Grand Prix ring. 

As a sire, Judgement ISF produced many notable horses. His son Counselor (formerly Artesian) was bred in the USA and eventually sold to Europe. Counselor made 204 FEI starts, with 84 of those starts coming at the 3* level and above, with wins and top placings throughout. Judgement’s daughter Worlds Judgement was another international show jumper, representing Canada at numerous Nations’ Cups, with top placings at prestigious shows like Spruce Meadows.

Numerous other sons and daughters successfully competed in the Grand Prix division, as well as in the amateur and junior jumper divisions. Daughter Wednesday Mornin was a two-time USEF Amateur Jumper Horse of the Year. Ghiradelli, Judge Not, Better Judgement and Judgement Call are all successful Grand Prix jumpers.

Judgement ISF is also the sire of top hunters, dressage and event horses. Zurich is a winning Intermediate I dressage horse who debuted at Grand Prix in 2020.

Judgement ISF, Crown Performance Achievements

·      Awarded Crown Predicate by KWPN

·      First American born and bred KWPN Approved stallion

·      Winnings of nearly $1.5 million

·      1st place, International Jumper Futurity Eastern Finals for 4-year-old jumpers, 1995

·      1st Place, Manchester Classic Grand Prix, 1998

·      1st Place, $60,000 American Gold Cup Grand  Prix, 1999

·      1st Place, $60,000 Budweiser Grand Prix de Penn National, 2002

·      1st Place, $75,000 Idle Dice Classic, 2003

·      1st place, $100,000 Cosequin US Open Jumper Championship, 2003

·      1st Place, Welcome Stake Qualifier, Charlotte Jumper Classic, 2004

·      1st Place, $150,000 Grand Prix, Charlotte Jumper Classic, 2004

·      1st Place, Grand Prix Qualifier, Valkenswaard, 2004

·      1st Place, ATB Financial Cup, 2004

·      1st Place, CSIO La Baule Nations Cup, 2005

·      1st Place, CSIO St. Gallen 1.5m, 2005

·      1st Place, Lafarge Cup, Spruce Meadows, 2005

·      1st Place, (Tie) Dublin Six Bar, 2005

·      1st Place, $1,000,000 CN International, 2005

·      1st Place, ATB Financial Cup, 2006

·      1st Place, $175,000 Shell Cup Derby, 2006

·      1st Place, $50,000 Animal Planet Cup, 2006

·      1st Place, $175,000 Nexen Cup Derby, 2007

·      1st Place, CN Performance Grand Prix, Spruce Meadows, 2007

·      1st Place, Samsung Super League Hickstead Nations Cup, 2007

·      1st Place, $175,000 Nexen Cup Derby, 2008

·      1st Place, $100,000 CN Performance Grand Prix, Spruce Meadows, 2008

·      1st Place, $35 000 Finning Welcome, Spruce Meadows, 2008

·      1st Place, $100,000 Encana Cup, Spruce Meadows, 2008

·      1st Place, $50,000 Animal Planet Cup, 2008

·      1st Place, $65,000 ESSO Challenge, 2009

·      The Chronicle of the Horse Show Jumper of the Year, 2005

·      National Champion Title, Spruce Meadows, 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008

Check out Judgement ISF, Crown on YouTube:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Judgement’s success, including Melvin Dutton, Michael Matz and his team, Beezie and John Madden and their team, his groom Emily Gailis, everyone at Iron Spring Farm, and his incredible fans.

For nearly 30 years, Judgement ISF, Crown, gave us the journey of a lifetime. Rest well.

About Iron Spring Farm

Top Friesian and KWPN stallions are available to North American breeders as part of Iron Spring Farm’s four-decade commitment to the ISF Advantage. By providing proven bloodlines, along with exceptional service, transparency and impeccable veterinary care, the ISF team helps riders and breeders achieve their sport horse goals. Ongoing expert advice and tools are also available so breeders can develop and market their offspring to the highest level. Iron Spring also offers a select number of talented Friesian and Dutch Warmblood prospects and broodmares for saleVisit the Iron Spring Farm Facebook page and Iron Spring Farm to learn more.

Photos by Tricia Booker and Stacy Lynne.

Visit these Iron Spring Farm stallions on Warmblood Stallion of North America:

Florianus II, Crown

Florestan I x Damenstolz
Grand Prix Dressage Stallion Siring Winners

Sir Sinclair, Keur

Lord Sinclair x Flemmingh, Preferent
#1 USEF Dressage Sire 2015-2020, Sire of Grand Prix Champions

Uno Don Diego

Dressage Royal x Falkland
FEI stallion producing winning show horses